What is Confident Conversations?

Confident Conversations is a Multi-modular program which helps to build confidence in you during conversations. It is a one-on-one coaching program, tailored as per individual needs and spans over a period of three month with a time investment of 12 to 15 hours. Participants experience increased confidence level by practicing in real life scenarios and learning use of effective tools to sail through difficult conversations. Constant evaluation and feedback helps in achieving the program objective at a faster pace.


Handling Questions – trickiest part of any presentation

Inseparable part of any presentation are the questions that come with them from the audience. Thorough preparation on the topic is definitely a must however at times there are butterflies in stomach with the thought that ” what if this topic comes up or that question is raised”. If you are well prepared thats going …

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Negative Feedback – not for the faint hearted!

Feedback is a formal as well as informal mechanism for informing individuals about how they are doing on their job. While a positive feedback is most welcome, negative feedback if not taken in the right perspective may trigger a series of emotional reactions that may not be to the best your professional health. Knowing tools …

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