What is Confident Conversations?

Confident Conversations is a Multi-modular program which helps to build confidence in you during conversations. It is a one-on-one coaching program, tailored as per individual needs and spans over a period of three month with a time investment of 12 to 15 hours. Participants experience increased confidence level by practicing in real life scenarios and learning use of effective tools to sail through difficult conversations. Constant evaluation and feedback helps in achieving the program objective at a faster pace.


Shy at work, unstoppable otherwise!

Rahul enters the office and straight heads to his desk, not wanting to say “hi-hello” to anyone. He skilfully manages to escape some of his colleagues’ glances with the fear that they might invite him for coffee at the pantry. Rahul otherwise an extrovert and confident soul seems to wither down at his workplace.It is …

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How to delete bad habits?

Bad habits though bad have some impact on our life, they are there for a reason. They probably bring in a feel-good factor that we long for. Biting nails might just give you comfort in difficult social situations, a cup of tea might connect you with pleasant memories, tapping your feet while writing a blog …

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