One barrel at a time=one small action at a time

In Brain Tracy’s famous book “Eat that frog” he talks about how breaking that big fat goal into micro goals helps us reach our goal faster. He has explained that by giving his own example – when he was out on an adventure trip how the oil barrels helped him cross the 500 mile long flat, all yellow, barren land of the Sahara desert.

The story goes like this…
Over 1,300 people got lost in crossing the Sahara in previous years. The blowing sands had destroyed the track across the desert and made it difficult for the travellers to find their way.

To overcome this problem in the land, the French had marked the track with black, fifty-five gallon oil barrels, five kilometres apart, exactly the distance to the horizon, the apparent boundary between earth and sky.

The author could see two oil barrels at a time, the one we had just passed and the one five kilometers ahead, and that was enough as a guiding post for him. All he had to do was to steer toward the next oil barrel. As a result, he was
able to cross the biggest desert in the world by simply taking it “one oil barrel at a time.”

It is important to take baby steps- one step but a correct step, at a time to reach our goal.

Select any goal, task, or project in your life where you have been putting it off for tomorrow or for Monday or for the 1st of next month. Take just one step towards accomplishing it immediately. The first step is to make a list of all the actions/ steps that  you need to take to achieve that goal. I would like to give you an example from my life.

I was not into eating right, exercising, running and all the cool stuff related to staying fit. The very sight if gym would make me feel strange– scared, lazy and all negative feelings. The day my weight issue started giving me problem I was left with no option but to exercise. I decided on a goal – ” Start exercising every alternate day for 40 min”

Following is the list of actions/ steps I wrote down and started working on:

  • Research on gyms in my locality
  • Get admission into a gym
  • Start working out under trainers guidance every alternate day for just 10 min
  • Steadily increase the time to 20 min and then from their to 40 min.. I targeted only alternate days.. (don’t overdo)

Today I almost make it a point to go to the gym everyday and work out for an hour and believe me it was not a painful journey as I had envisaged. It took me a year to reach In fact the endorphin rush is addicting and now I don’t feel like missing it.

Take life one oil barrel at a time, one step,  one small action that will take you towards your goal.