Simple formula to focus on “The one thing” thats important for you

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Today we are discussing a very important formula that will help us concentrate better.

Many of us have trouble concentrating during the day because we’re constantly worrying about other things. It could be an approaching deadline for a project, a new colleague who’s causing problems, preparing your next meal, packing for your vacation or the upcoming exams.

In childhood I am sure all of us must have been asked by our parents to concentrate on our studies and now those of us with kids must be asking them to do the same. The fun part is nobody knows how to concentrate, we have never been taught to concentrate in schools or at home.

I remember in my school days, the soothing music from my favorite TV serial Malgudi days would invariably take me to Malgudi from my study table.

We become what we repeatedly practice.

We have only practiced distraction since our childhood and now  we have mastered it.

For every simple tool or gadget that we handle, it comes with a manual, yet there is no manual anywhere for the most sophisticated tool in our body… our mind.

Lets learn about the mind manual. it is very simple, there are only  two parts to it. One is the bright ball of light, which is our awareness. The other part is made up of various compartments in our mind like work, entertainment, vacation, family, friends. These compartments can be as many or as little based on our experience and memories in our subconscious mind.

Based on this lets see the definition of concentration. “Concentration is nothing but ability to focus the bright ball of light (awareness) on any one given compartment of mind for an extended period of time without moving it to the other areas”.

The moment the ball of light becomes a multicolored disco light that not only  keeps changing its colour but also keeps moving.. that’s when we lose our focus and become distracted. Bring the light that is your awareness back to its originality which is the bright ball of luminous light and then focus on “The one thing” thats important at that moment.

Now, coming to the most important question from parents, how do I teach my child to concentrate?

The next time your child comes to you for anything, leave that laptop and give undivided attention to your child. Don’t talk to her while you still gazing at the laptop. Move the bright ball of light from your laptop to your child.  If you are too busy to look into her request at that moment ask her to come later but make sure you focus the luminous light entirely on her. When she receives focussed attention from you thats when she will understand how to give it.

So friends don’t forget shut the the disco ball the next time you have difficulty focusing.