Don’t just set deadlines around your goals, set a schedule for them

Here comes 2019, and all of us are excited to set new year goals and yes we don’t forget to set the deadlines too. We have learn tit to do the “SMART” way. Then why is it that by the end of 2018 not even a single goal of the dozen of goals you have set gets ticked off. Well the reason is very simple!

Setting deadlines gives us a feeling that there is time yet for the goal to be achieved. If the goals are not written down in a place where we can see them everyday, there are chances we forget about them conveniently. When we set the goals it is important that we break the goal into smaller tasks or activities which are attainable at a set frequency. Let me elaborate it with an example. Lets say my goal is to publish a 200 page book on Productivity by Dec 2019. I need to break this down into various activities associated with achieving this goal. First activity is writing the book itself. I need to write at least one page per day to complete the writing by July 2019. After which there a lot of other activities that would get lined up.. like editing, printing, marketing etc.

Unless I schedule writing one page per day in my calendar, I won’t meet my deadline of finishing the writing part by July. If otherwise, come Jun 2019, the time got Mid year review and I may have to run helter-skelter thinking about so many pending activities.
Scheduling helps us act on the tasks and activities of the broken down goal, it makes it attainable!

Follow this one golden rule – If its your goal schedule it in your calendar ..SIMPLE