Five tips to read more in 2019

If you are like me who understands and acknowledge the benefits of reading but loathe it to the core.. please read on as you may find some tips that will help you start reading and stay hooked on to it. Here are 5 tips that will help you with your reading goals for 2019.

  1. Join a book club / library – When you have access to hundreds of books, it becomes easy to pick up something of your liking. This option comes at a very low cost. If you don’t like the book you simply return it. It saves you from the dreary feeling of looking at piles of books you bought that keep waiting to be read. There is a timeline given by the club to return the book hence it becomes compelling to finish off reading before that.
  2. Always carry a book with you- You can take advantage of the waiting time for appointments, in metros or in traffic jams. Books are just a great way to entertainment rather than sitting idly and twiddling your thumb.
  3. Set a time and place for reading – At home have a place dedicated as your reading corner and a time reminder triggered by alarm that impels you to get into the reading mode. Can not emphasise the importance of time and place anchor in developing the reading habit.
  4. Start small – Start by reading 10 pages per day or reading for 10 minutes per day whatever suits you better. Atomic habits take you a long way and are easier to stick to.
  5. Give up when it gets boring- Its not always necessary that you love a book in a similar way that your friend raved about it. At times you make a wrong choice of picking up a book and feel very sad to give up reading mid way through. Its absolutely ok to renounce the book rather than continue to get bored flipping through the pages. There are writers who serve different reading palates so go with the one you enjoy the most. Make reading a pleasurable event and you will experience your transformation into an avid reader happening soon.

Happy reading 🙂