How to be more productive?

Being productive is achieving more output in less time- this is a very simple definition. It is very important to define what is the output you desire – replying 100 emails, writing blogposts, coming up with a business proposal. What ever the output be it has to be very concrete.

Following are some simple rules to increase your productivity:

  1. The 2 minute rule – If any item on your To-do list is going to take less tan 2 minutes to get ticked off, go ahead and do it. For e.g. – You are seated at your desk and one of the action  item on your lost take your Multivitamins. To get up and grab the pill and a glass of water is not going to take more than two minutes. So please go ahead and do it immediatly.
  2. Chunking– For action items that longer than two minutes, break it down into two minute task. For eg. You have to prepare your monthly report, start with opening the documents and giving title to the report. This won’t take more than 2 minutes. More likely once you have started with the task you may continue with it for a longer time and finish quite a chunkful of it. Once the ball gets rolling it will move forward with the momentum it  has gained.
  3. Deep breathe – Breathing slowly helps you combat stress. It sends message to your entire body that you are safe. When you are running against time to complete a task there are high chances to get stressed. Connecting with your breathe is a beautiful way of coming out of that stress and living in the moment without worrying about the past or future.
  4. Eliminate distractions– It is very typical of our mind to drag away while working on something very important.Often the distractions are sitting on our desk or laptop. It is wise to turn off all notification from phone or laptop and give yourself a good 30 minutes to focus on the task at hand. There are apps available that can actually block certain site for a defined period of time.