Get your life together – Dealing with paper clutter

Paper clutter is your no. 1 enemy when it comes to creating mess around the house and making the environment look untidy. A very simple solution to keep this is check is the Bin Therapy . You keep a dedicated bin where in all the papers for filing go. This bin is easily accessible to you so that you just put away any paper you want to file away. Even though we are talking about “digital India” movement, there is still lot of paper that comes home.It may be in the form your kid’s report card, important notices from the school, receipts from insurance companies, your annual maintenance receipts from the pest control agency or your shopping bills. Its overwhelming to see the papers scattered everywhere.

The way you can make it workable for you is dividing the bin into two parts by adding a simple plastic folder to it. The main bin contains all the documents that don’t need urgent attention and are to be filed. The folder contains items which need immediate attention, may be some consent form to be signed and sent to the school or the bank nomination form that you need to submit this weekend at the bank or just a piece of paper where you have taken your longhand notes to be faired later or some important loan document from the bank that you need to action on.

This system works 100% if your sorting of paper between the two categories is well defined and your document management system is in place. Well document management may sound a little intimidating. However it a simple system of files and folders where in all your documents are organised according to categories.

Once in a month on a life admin day, empty the bin that has all documents to be filed or put away in the folder so that the bin is ready to receive fresh documents for the coming month.

Life becomes so clutter free with this one simple bin 🙂