Set 10 minutes for a night routine to organise your next day

Setting aside 10 minutes the day before helps you stay organised and efficient. Look at the following pointers to see what are the things you can incorporate in your night routine.

Food – Set aside ingredients required to prepare your breakfast and lunch. Two advantages of doing this – you are preplanning your meal and don’t waste your precious time thinking about what needs to be cooked in the morning. Second advantage is – Lets say you plan to make poha for breakfast only to realise you are running out of onions.. the key ingredient in poha. If you set aside the ingredients you not only save time but can also re-plan your menu in case any ingredient in unavailable.

Outfit – Make sure you set aside your outfit for the next day. If you have young kids, do it for them too. You save yourself from the misery of searching mindlessly for the matching legging or dupatta.

Office bag/ purse – For any absent-minded person like me this is a very important tip. Please put in all essentials required for your work-day or your outing in your purse the day before. I have a post-it note set at my desk which lists some ten odd items that I need to carry with me all the time.. no matter where I am heading for. Some off them include – a snack box , phone, wallet, keys, water bottle , a note pad, pen , laptop charger, laptop, my vanity kit. A night before I do a check on all the items, which means that snack box and water bottle too are kept ready and inside my purse the day before.

Checklist- While reading the above if there is this thought that crossed you mind .. .. ohh.. she seems to be such an organised person, well life teaches you its own lessons. Leaving home keys behind at home, forgetting the laptop charger at the plug point and not carrying your phone .. well these instances one can still be put up with.. I have had embarrassing situation where I had to borrow money from the host to pay for my auto bill as i had left my wallet at home 🙁 and ever since I came up with my checklist and I don’t fail to have a look at it every time I head out and trust me it has really flipped my life for good.