If you long for your cup of chai first thing in the morning .. read this

If you are a “Chai” person like me, you probably look forward to set the chai for a rolling boil first thing in the morning, not forgetting to add your favourite tea masala or crushed ginger-cardamon mix. As you long for your cuppa tea high chances you will forget to have your daily dose of 2 glasses of water. Plain water (warm or room temperature), lemon water, lemon-ginger water, lemon-honey water.. water in whatever form suits you is good for you.

The reason is very simple- the body get dehydrated as it stays without water the whole night. You have woken up at 6 AM, however there are high chances you may take your first sip of water as late as 9 AM after you are done with all your responsibilities at home or maybe you after you get ready for your work.

How to make it workable- If you have a water bottle ready in bedroom/ kitchen to welcome you in the morning, you are surely not going to miss drinking it.

Now that you had your daily dose of water , you feel that nothing stands between me and my tea- no wait! There is just a small thing… the almonds.

What good do almonds do for you? Very simple.. they are power-packed source of nutrients for you to kick-start you day, very convenient to use too. To know why not raw but soaked almonds? Watch my video to know more. https://youtu.be/NcQje0-hRwQ

How to make it workable- The day before when you are about to close your kitchen for the day.. remember to soak 4 almonds for yourself to eat them in the morning. Its all about getting into the habit of soaking the almonds then eating them before having your tea is just a very easy task. So set reminder on phone, a visual reminder on your fridge or probably keep the almond container in a place where you cant miss it before you go to bed.

2 glasses of water in the morning are as much required to get you going for as is the cup of tea and four almonds to give you the energy while you juggle between your responsibilities.

Drink water, eat almonds. now go ahead and enjoy your priceless cup of chai 🙂