Why I quit Facebook?

Its been three years and I am not operating my Facebook account and have not posted on Facebook. Prior to that I was quite active on FB, maybe not posting photographs and stuff but definitely wishing people Happy Birthday and commenting on photographs. I felt it was a good way to stay connected and what better than wishing them well on their birthday. I was proud of my 500 + friends list, but did I really feel a connection with all of them.. well quite not.

A simple stats – I had 564 friends on my list. 200 odd would wish me on FB itself, another 50 would take effort to either call me up or write in Whatsapp.. well the remaining ones did not wish me. Why? Either because they were inactive or they were not keen on really extending connection with me. After the stats revealed the reality about half of my FB friends I thought was it really a great medium to stay connected, can I not wish my real FB friends through some other medium. Yes there was a way and I figured out how.

Now the question is why did I stop using FB. Well not that it was disheartening for me to see that nearly half of my FB friends don’t wish me. It was some other factor. I have a rule that no Social Media for the fits 30 minutes in the morning since past couple of years. However, while sipping my morning cup of tea, I would be on phone checking FB and updates on whats happening with other people. Well this was definitely enjoyable however little did I realise then that this morning tea time was best to introspect, plan my own day and get updates from self rather than from FB.

Well no, it was not this revelation that enlightened me to this big decision of renouncing FB. Around 3 years back FB started this new feature wherein the videos posted by your friends would start playing automatically. Often times this video carried great messages and served some good cause.. however the content of it was not necessarily the one that was palatable by my brain first thing in the morning. The news of babies getting kidnapped, a gory scene of blood flooded road accident, murder and robbery in daylight – these were the kind of videos that would flash on the screen. The reason why I stay away from Newspaper – “Negative feed” in the morning. Well FB was giving the exact “negative feed” I was running away in much more potent dose – that is graphic form.

I have stopped browsing FB first thing in the morning, not that I have completely given up on it. I have started wishing people that matter to me either by calling them up or leaving a WhatsApp message. I am still connected to people who matter to me without giving the control of my day, my thoughts and my mood to my “FB friends”