Why do you get stuck while speaking in English even though you understand the language well?

I come across many participants who are great with their grammar basics, are quite confident, can understand the language very well yet when it come to speaking they fumble. They are not able to get the right words in the sentence and that causes a dip in their confidence. A “spiralling down” effect entails and it almost seems impossible to revive the conversation. This experience leaves a deep impact on the mind almost nearly paralysing the tongue when it comes to opening the mouth for an English conversation the next time.

Let us understand why this happens. You will be taken aback to know the simple reason behind it. Our reading and listening vocabulary is quite decent. Through years of education in English and exposure to English on Television we can read and understand on an average about 1000 English words. However when it comes to our speaking vocabulary the words are as few as 100. Which means we may struggle to look for right words while speaking. When we struggle and our brain starts searching for words internally in the word bank and can not find it, we fumble.

The solution to this simple problem is also very simple. Start noticing words that you have never used in conversation before. Make a list of these words and start using them.The more you start using these words in your speech ( at least 2 -3 times) the quicker they become a part of your Speaking Vocab Bank. The question is to whom should I speak if I don’t have people around me who can converse in English. Have a conversation with an Imaginary friend or stand in front of the mirror and start having conversation witgh yourself.

Focus on using only one word per day in your practice conversations and by the end of the year you would have added a whopping 365 brand new words to your vocab.

Its worth giving a try!