How to delete bad habits?

Bad habits though bad have some impact on our life, they are there for a reason. They probably bring in a feel-good factor that we long for. Biting nails might just give you comfort in difficult social situations, a cup of tea might connect you with pleasant memories, tapping your feet while writing a blog might just be an outlet of your creative energy. There are many bad habits that we have picked up through the years and want to really get rid off as we know they are detrimental for either our physical well-being or mental well-being or both.

Lets see how we can delete these habits permanently from our life by cutting the trigger.

Tea is something I look forward to every morning, of course only after a I have my glass of water and soaked almonds. Few months back I picked up the habit of eating Parle-G along with tea. I am a regular viewer of popular Indian vlog channels, mostly run by women. As much as I have picked up quite a few of good habits from here.. eating biscuit with tea is something that is influenced by them. It is irresistible to watch someone eat biscuits with tea and do that as a part of their routine and not follow them. Well if you have certain eating habit which you desire to change, all you need to do is redesign your environment. I no longer buy Parle G. Simple, out of sight, out of mind. The container in which I would keep the biscuits, I have filled it with some wheat puffs.. I don’t eat them with tea in the morning though. Biscuit-free for past couple of months and happy that I don’t put maida in stomach after getting up 🙂

If you have the habit of browsing Facebook before hitting the bed, leave your phone outside. You are trying hard to quit this habit as it is no good. Blue light from the phone keeps you off sleeping and you get up the next morning feeling drained out. Don’t get your phone anywhere near your bed. Go one step further and redesign your environment by keeping a book by your bedside. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, just read the book for few minutes and it will do the trick to put you off to sleep.

Other examples include – removing all junk food from home and replacing it with healthier options, trimming the nails real short so that you can’t bite them.

Redesign your environment such that it makes your good habits easier and bad habits impossible.