Plan for Chaos with “If-then”

Chaos is always uninvited, still it comes and leaves us stressed. Some times one chaotic event triggers another one e.g. The night before your cook doesn’t turn up, you end up cooking and go to bed tired- you wake up late, miss the bus and now are very late for a very important appointment at work – you arrive late at the appointment only to realise that you haven’t carried the pen drive in which you saved the presentation– chaos after chaos. See how just one event created so much stress for you. How well are we able to handle the chaos is key in how stress free we remain at the end of the chaotic event. Having an “If-then” strategy works well to plan for chaos. Here are few examples that will explain what the strategy is:

  • If my cook does not show up, then I will order healthy dinner from Swiggy. Hope the absenteeism is not a frequent problem 🙂 If you are not seasoned at cooking unplanned events like this may cause huge stress hence
  • If I miss the 8:15 ladies special, then I will catch the 8:20 Churchgate fast. Mumbaikars know the pain of missing their “regular” trains.
  • If I am unable to sleep by 11:00 PM, then I will read a book for 30 minutes. For an insomniac like this always works wonder. I need not go as far as 30 minutes.. I am literally dozing at the 10th.
  • If I am unable to go for my morning walk, then I will make it up by walking to get the groceries in the evening. Many times we are unable to stick to our schedule because of certain emergencies – missed alarm or maid not turning up. Our schedule goes haywire, during such emergencies, “If-then” mantra helps us to stick to our goals.
  • If I eat unhealthy food during the week, then I won’t go out for my weekend outing. This I am sure is of common occurrence with the fast-paced urban lifestyle.
  • If boss calls for an unexpected status meeting, then I will refer my “Updates” folder make a note of the important events and speak about them.
  • If there are unexpected guests that come over, then I will make some nice, healthy, savoury, chickpea pancakes for them. For people who are like me who get panicky just by listening to the “ga’ of guest this works great.
  • I hope these examples come handy to you to design your own “If-then” statements in chaotic moments.