Shy at work, unstoppable otherwise!

Rahul enters the office and straight heads to his desk, not wanting to say “hi-hello” to anyone. He skilfully manages to escape some of his colleagues’ glances with the fear that they might invite him for coffee at the pantry. Rahul otherwise an extrovert and confident soul seems to wither down at his workplace.It is not very difficult to understand what goes on Rahul’s mind as soon as he enters the office. It’s the mind block that he belongs to a small town and cannot speak English proficiently.

Rahul’s went to a Hindi medium school and had been a topper all his life. He understands English language very well, write excellent emails but can hardly speak the language. When confronted with a situation where he needs to converse in English he thinks of that as a “near death” situation and wants to avoid it at all cost. This has made Rahul’s life pretty boring at workplace, he chats with the Admin Executive- Karan who happens to be from his native place, arring this he does not have any friends at work.

An extrovert by birth Rahul finds it difficult to manage this phase in his life. To bring him out of this situation, all he needs is a lot of confidence to get into conversations in English and stay through them for at least couple of minutes. Starting small in such cases and making small victories helps a lot in such situations. Rather than directly getting into group conversations, Rahul needs to first start small by building rapport individually, practising his speaking skills and then step into bigger groups.

Its very common to face this situation at the start when English is not your first language. Remember, “Practice that makes you perfect”and helps overcome any tough situation. English speaking or for that matter speaking in any language is a matter of practice, at least 50 – 100 hours of practice depending on what level of proficiency you are at.

If you are in a similar situation like Rahul… start practicing!