Negative Feedback – not for the faint hearted!

Feedback is a formal as well as informal mechanism for informing individuals about how they are doing on their job. While a positive feedback is most welcome, negative feedback if not taken in the right perspective may trigger a series of emotional reactions that may not be to the best your professional health. Knowing tools to manage feedback so that it enhances your performance is key in moving ahead rather getting stuck in the rut.

Things have not resulted the way they should have. Though you have put it your best foot forward not necessary the result is as per your expectation. In such scenarios you are at the receiving end, your boss is upset that the project/ assignment given to you was not handled well. In the heat of the moment you may get some nasty remarks from your boss. You, on the other hand have put in a lot of effort and inspite of your diligent follow-ups and instructions, your lackadaisical vendor has messed up the output.

It is very natural for you to fight back and put your defence up. No! Don’t get defensive. Don’t fall in the trap of arguments. It is natural for your boss to react in a certain manner as the output is not as desired by him, however take time out. Don’t react in impulse instead collect your thoughts first. Saying something like “I appreciate your feedback. I’d like to give what you’ve said some real thought and get back to you.” Also listen carefully look for fact and opinion in the feedback. Something like, the design of the dairy is completely different than that given by the client – this feedback maybe based on fact. You always mess up at the last moment or you are always late in submitting your project – this feedback is a opinion.

Listen well, understand what the other person is trying to convey but don’t go out of control and react in a manner that will spoil your relationship. Stay cool, articulate your response and then respond calmly.