Handling Questions – trickiest part of any presentation

Inseparable part of any presentation are the questions that come with them from the audience. Thorough preparation on the topic is definitely a must however at times there are butterflies in stomach with the thought that ” what if this topic comes up or that question is raised”. If you are well prepared thats going to give you good confidence. Whats also going to make you look smart is the way you first respond or take the question.

There are going to be people in audience who will have umpteen questions in their mind. If you give them the liberty to ask question during the presentation, deem chances you will be able to finish your presentation. It’s a good idea to have logical breaks for Q & A after every few hours rather than keeping them piled up all at the end of the day. This also allows you to gather your thought and be prepared for Q & A and does not disturb your normal flow of presentation.

The way you respond when a question is asked is equally important. If you keep saying “Good question” for each and every questions thats being asked, you don’t sound genuine enough. Here are few ways in which you take a question , the ones that make your audience feel good.

  1. Interesting question
  2. Glad you brought that up
  3. I get asked this question by many people
  4. I like the way you look at the topic/ subject

 If you compliment one person with asking a question, be sure to credit everyone for asking a question. You don’t want people to feel their question was not as important.

Few tips :

  1. Never close your presentation with Q & A. Closing deserves a much special place in audience’s mind.. hence make it memorable.
  2. If you don’t know answer to any question, don’t jumble up , simply accept it and tell your audience you will revert maybe via email.
  3. Some people in your audience might be there just to make you look miserable. Deal with them assertively. If they are taking you off track, tell them so and request them to ask you relevant questions.

All the best for your next presentation and Q & A. Prepare well and don’t forget the above tips!