Confident Conversations is a series of programs that is aimed at improving conversational skills. It operates at three levels and you can choose to be a part of any program as per your proficiency level.

Speech Primer (Level I) – This is the basic program which is aimed at improving and strengthening sentence structuring and usage of correct language while speaking. This program dramatically improves the language skills without overwhelming the learner with dozens of grammar rules. The “Four Page Rule Book” works like magic to master the nuances of grammar in spoken English.

Confident Conversations (Level II) – If you struggle with any one of the following:

  • Fighting nervousness to start or keep a conversation going
  • Saying “No” to other people’s priorities
  • Making yourself heard during meetings or group conversations
  • Explaining your points to your demanding client
  • Making your team mates understand your perspective
  • Build connect with people around by use of rapport building techniques

Public Speaking (Level III) –This program aims at bringing out the best speaker is you.

The program focuses on the following aspects:

  • Basics of Public speaking
  • Importance of Eye contact, posture and gestures
  • Leverage use of body language while communicating
  • Individual feedback to the participants to focus on areas of development